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White Kraft Paper

The white Kraft paper is made from imported coniferous pulp, whose production strictly follows the food-grade processing techniques. Its main features are high strength, smoothness and natural color as well as flatness. Without fluorescent agent added, white Kraft paper can be widely applied in food industry, medicine packaging.
The weight of white Kraft paper is 40GSM-120GSM and the width is 10MM-1300MM. It can be sold in roll or in sheet. And its size can be customized.

White Kraft Paper

Hangzhou Guanglian Complex Paper Co., Ltd is China based manufacturer and supplier of white Kraft paper. We have achieved QS certification with our special food packaging paper as well as white Kraft paper. All white Kraft paper is in accordance with ISO9000:2008 . Hope a feather relationship with customers in the paper packing field.

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