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Round Parchment Cake Pan Liner

Parchment cake pan liner is made from 100% virgin wood pulp with double sides non-stick silicone coated. So it perform great at greaseproof,high temperature resistance to 230℃-20mins and non-stick. Ideal for lining on the bottom of cake pan for cooking.
Because we supply various size from 2”-16”, so there must be a size suitable for your pan.

Round Parchment Cake Pan Liner
GSM 30-60gsm,38/40gsm standard
Material 100% virgin wood pulp
Coating Double sides silicone coated
Certificates FDA/SGS,ISO9001,QS
Colour White/unbleached brown
Features Greaseproof,non-stick,high-temperature resistance to 230℃-20min
Application For food baking/cooking,freezing,steaming and wrapping
Regular Size Circles:from 2”-16”
OEM OEM available
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