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    1. White Kraft Paper
      The white Kraft paper is made from imported coniferous pulp, whose production strictly follows the food-grade processing techniques. Its main features are high strength, smoothness and natural color as well as flatness. Without fluorescent agent added, white Kraft paper can be widely applied in food industry, medicine packaging.
      The weight of white Kraft paper is...
    1. EMS Release Paper
      EMS release paper is a compound anti-sticking paper which contains no plastic materials. It is made after coating acrylic acid and silicon rubber on high-class coating paper.
      Thanks to its good smoothness, resistance against shrinking and high peel strength, it is widely used in the production of express delivery bills, PVC Tile industry, in particular EMS products. ...
    1. Glassine Release Paper
      It is made after silicon rubber is coated on the original glassine paper. (sticker used as the base paper)
      It has some transparency, a high paper density and stiffness, smooth surface, stable peel strength and a good high-temperature resistance. ...
    1. Release Paper for Cleaning Tube
      it is a kind of paper made by coating the base paper single-side. Sometimes, the release paper is also called peeling paper or silicone oil paper.
      This kind of paper has a high density, superior stiffness, smooth surface and excellent property of stable release force. This release ...
    1. CCK Release Paper
      CCK release paper is made after coating silicon rubber on the two sides of the original CCK paper.
      It boasts high paper density and stiffness, smooth surface, stable peeling strength, and an excellent high temperature resistance. It is mainly applied to the production of prepreg of carbon cloth, advertisement ...
    1. Release Paper for PVC Floor Tile
      It is a white complex paper coated with acrylic rubber. Its properties are great pull force, resistance to high heat, softness and strong release force. Compound anti-sticking paper contains no plastic materials. It is made after coating acrylic acid and silicon rubber on high-class coating paper. Thanks to its good smoothness, resistance against shrinking and high peel strength...
    1. Kraft Release Paper
      It is a kind of silicon-coating release papers which uses Kraft paper as the basic material.
      1. Excellent smoothness
      2. Superior toughness
      3. Strong water-resistance ...

Release Paper

Release paper, which is also known as silicone release paper, has a three-layer structure: 1st, paper base; 2nd, lamination; 3rd, silicon oil. can be used in electronics, vehicle foam, printing and so forth. In most cases, it is used together with sticky materials, in particular tapes; as a result, generally speaking, where tapes are used, release paper will also be needed.

(1), Glassine release paper (glassine used as the paper base): it is resistant to high temperature, moisture-proof and oil-proof, mostly applied to the packaging of food industries.
(2), General release paper: moisture-proof and oil-proof, which serves as an insulator.

1. Cleanness means the degree of cleaning of the surface. Due to the differences of productive environments owned by different factories, most so-called dust-proof workshops cannot really adopt dust-proof environments because of the cost concern. Generally speaking, they are nothing but ordinary factories. Those better ones make a lot of improvements in the environmental protection and environment. All these will affect cleanness.
2. Release degree refers to how much release paper is released. There is no absolute figure for this. It all depends on the specific formula of different factories.
3. Peeling force denotes whether the product is easy to peel. There is a strict testing standard for this parameter.

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