silicone baking parchment paper, greaseproof paper, steam paper
Hangzhou Guanglian Complex Paper Co., Ltd.
Add: No.1 Shengyi Road,Yiqiao Industry Zone,Yuhang,Hangzhou,China
Zip Code: 311121
Contact Person:Ava
Fax: +86-571-88639725
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Our products include:
Food grade greaseproof paper, silicone baking paper, baking parchment paper (food packaging), Kraft release paper, CCK release paper, Glassine release paper, etc.

The food grade papers comply with FDA standard, mainly used in food packaging, kitchens and pastry industries; others are used in any adhesive-interrelated industry, like sticker labels, medical plaster, carbon fiber fabric, PVC title and so on. The majority of our products are exported directly to European countries, Southeast Asia, East Asia and Australia.

Our company's qualifications:
Business license, ISO9000 certificate, printing license, and tax registration certificate.