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Medical Silicone Coated Fabrics


The medical silicone coated fabrics have utilized the medical non-woven as its base material. Then one side of the non-woven is treated with silicone. As a result, medical release fabric enjoys certain release force. It is mainly used to produce medical bandages.
Medical Silicone Coated Fabrics

Main Features of Medical Silicone Coated Fabrics
1. Softness: Superfine fibers, the major ingredient of medical silicone coated fabrics, are both soft and comfortable.
2. Permeability: Our silicone coated medical silicone coated fabrics is made of 100% materials and has a cellular structure, which is conducive to the flow of air.
3. Non-toxic and non-irritating: Our products' safety is ensured because none of our raw materials contain any chemical substance.
4. One side anti-stick: The silicone coating makes nonwoven one side anti-stick, and such property makes the surgical tape easy to be unrolled and keep tape in good quality situation.

Application Range:
1. Medical pouches and reels
The medical silicone coated fabrics for medical pouches and reels are designed to protect a wide variety of medical devices for optimum patient safety. Our factory provides the barrier protection and sterling permeability required for optimal sterilization process.
2. Pharmaceutical packaging and labeling
Exact labeling for pharmaceutical and medical products can only be achieved with pressure sensitive labels using medical silicone coated fabrics.
3. Plasters, bandages, tapes
Super calendared release papers can be used to protect adhesive on self-adhesive plasters, trans dermal patches and adhesive bandages.
4. Surgical drapes
5. Surgical gloves and gowns wraps
We offer sterile barrier systems well suited as overwraps for surgical glove, drape and gown.
6. Surgical gowns

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