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    1. Parchment Pan Liner
      Parchment Pan Liner is usually made from paper treated with an acid to make the parchment paper highly stable and heat resistant. And then is coated with certain nonstick materials. Parchment paper is safe to use to temperatures up to 230℃. Our Parchment Pan Liner, an environment-friendly product, is composed ...
    1. Round Parchment Cake Pan Liner
      Parchment cake pan liner is made from 100% virgin wood pulp with double sides non-stick silicone coated. So it perform great at greaseproof,high temperature resistance to 230℃-20mins and non-stick. Ideal for lining on the bottom of cake pan for cooking. Because we supply various size from 2”-16”, so there must be a size suitable for your pan...
    1. baking pan liner
      Baking paper is comprised of virgin wood pulp. The paper is coated with imported, food-grade silicone oil. The silicone coating makes the Baking Pan Liner a smooth surface, heat-resistant and non-stick. As for the physical properties of silicone coated baking paper, the brightness is over 88, sizing value above 0.8, strength more than 3000, density 1. Together with the low water ...
    1. Unbleached Silicone Cookie Sheet Liner
      Unbleached silicone cookie sheet liner is an environmentally friendly paper newly developed by our company. It is produced aimed at improving health and food sanitation. Both sides of this unbleached silicone parchment paper are processed by silicon oil. Therefore, it is oil-proof, water-proof,
    1. Cooking Paper
      Cooking Paper is made from wood pulp, double-side coated with silicone. It features in non-stick, waterproof and greaseproof as well as high-heat (230℃) resistance. As its name says, food wrapping paper is mainly used to roast meat. By using the cooking paper, there is no chance of burning the meat, causing hazardous substance while barbecuing.
    1. Oven Paper
      The oven paper, is made of wood pulp, coated with food grade silicone oil. It features in smoothness, high-heat resistance and non- stick, etc. The brightness of baking paper is over 88. The sizing value of baking paper is above 0.8.Its strength is more than 3000. Along with its compactness of 1 as well as its low water ...
    1. Barbecue Paper
      Barbecue paper is a new product made from environment-friendly, food-grade paper. Both sides of the paper are processed with silicone oil so that it is featured greaseproof, waterproof, non-stick and resistant to high heat. Given these qualities, the barbecue paper is quite suitable to bake, steam, freeze food or barbecue. Hence, Our food wrapping paper is a must for kitchen work...
    1. Greaseproof Paper
      1. Greaseproof paper is such a kind of paper with high impermeability to oil, good uniformity, various color and high transparency as well as good performance in grease resistance
      2. Its weight is only 31-51g.
      3 The applicant of greaseproof paper is multiple, which can be ...
    1. Hamburger Paper
      The hamburger paper is made by using food-processing techniques. Its main features are: impermeability to grease or oil, resistance for high heat and great paper strength. Owing to the features, the meat in the hamburger can be always kept juicy.
      Our food wrapping papers can be customized to meet the different requirements ...
    1. Printed Food Wrapping Paper
      Printed food wrapping paper is a new kind of paper which is made of 100% virgin wood pulp by using food-processing techniques. It’s soft, emi-transparency and perform well at greaseproof.So it is perfect for food wrapping,like cheese,burger,chips and cakes.As for its weight,size and print artwork,it can be customized according to customer’s requirement...
    1. Steamer Paper
      Steamer paper is a food cooking paper with properties of non-stick, waterproof and greaseproof. It is a double-side, silicone-coated greaseproof water. Its features are smoothness, uniformity, good transparency and resistance to high heat. Thanks to these features, the steamer paper can endure 230℃ for 20 minutes. Therefore, steamer paper is an optimum choice for steaming and it can be used repeatedly ...
    1. Food Grade Oil-Proof Paper
      1 Food grade oilproof paper is such a kind of paper with high uniformity, high resistance to grease and moderate transparency plus a various choices of color.
      2 The weight of oil-proof paper is 24-50g.
      3 Food grade oil-proof papers can be variously used in food, the cake ...
    1. Food Silicone Coated Paper
      1. Silicone coated paper is a silicone coated, single-side or double sides, release paper.
      2. Silicone coated paper is mainly used in a series of food packaging, such as hamburgers, sandwiches, frozen product and so on.
      3. Silicone coated paper possesses the function of waterproof, greaseproof and non-stick, etc ...
    1. Silicone Baking Pan Liner
      Silicone baking paper (baking Parchment Pan Liner) is our company's new environmentally friendly paper aimed at improving health and food sanitation. Both sides of baking paper are processed by silicon oil, so that it is oil-proof, water-proof, anti-sticking and resistant against high temperature. Thanks to these features, it is suitable for baking, grilling, steaming and freezing foods and it is necessary in a kitchen. ...
    1. Baking Cup Paper
      This product is made when one side or both sides of baking cup paper is coated by silicon so that the paper is smooth and easy to separate. As a result, the formed baking cup is easy to separate from the cake. Our food wrapping papers is mainly used for producing baking cups in catering industry.
      1. Relatively good resistance to heat, humidity, grease, etc. ...

Food Wrapping Paper

Hangzhou Guanglian Complex Paper Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of food wrapping paper in China. We offer a variety of manufacture paper (sticker labels, express delivery labels and PVC tiles) and household paper (used in food packaging, kitchens and pastry industry). We possess 17 years' experience of producing, selling and serving. Our company's products have been exported to European countries, Southeast Asia, East Asia and Australia.If you need food wrapping paper, please contact us and we hope you can visit our factories by yourselves.