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Food Grade Oil-Proof Paper

1 Food grade oilproof paper is such a kind of paper with high uniformity, high resistance to grease and moderate transparency plus a various choices of color.
2 The weight of oil-proof paper is 30gsm-60gsm.
3 Food grade oil-proof papers can be variously used in food, the cake cup and hamburgers' wrapping.

Food Grade Oil-Proof Paper

4 According to its colour,oil-proof paper can be divided into unbleached white and brown, two colours.
5 We can print exquisite logo and trademark which can be cut into the any size as you require.
6 We are available to take order in rolls or in sheets.

Hangzhou Guanglian Complex Paper Co., Ltd is China based manufacturer and supplier of food packing paper; include oil-proof paper. This oil- proof paper is mainly used for food wrapping. We specialize in the composite materials, i.e. all kinds of paper including food grade oil-proof paper. According to their coating, they can be divided into two categories: silicone coated one and uncoated one. For more information of oil-proof paper, please send us Email or leave a message.

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