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Food Silicone Coated Paper

1. Silicone coated paper is a silicone coated, single-side or double sides, release paper.
2. Silicone coated paper is mainly used in a series of food baking&packaging, such as hamburgers, sandwiches, frozen product and so on.
3. Silicone coated paper possesses the function of waterproof, greaseproof and non-stick, etc.

Food Silicone Coated Paper

4. The specification of Silicone coated paper is from 24gsm-60gsm.
5. According to the client's demand, we can cut our paper to shapes and sheets or we can provide our paper in rolls.

Company brief:
To produce the numerous silicone coated paper, we possess a series of state-of–art equipments: 4 coating machines, 4 slitters, 2 printers as well as several slicers and small rolling machines. We have achieved QS certification with our special silicone coated paper. All food packing paper is in accordance with ISO9000:2008 and we can provide the inspection report of FDA. For more information about the silicone coated paper, please feel free to contact us.

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