China Barbecue Paper features greaseproof,waterproof,non-stick,resistant to high heat
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Barbecue Paper

Barbecue paper is a new product made from environment-friendly, food-grade paper. Both sides of the paper are processed with silicone so that it is featured greaseproof, waterproof, non-stick and resistant to high heat. Given these qualities, the barbecue paper is quite suitable to bake, steam, freeze food or barbecue. Hence, it is a must for kitchen work.

Barbecue Paper

For Barbecue
Our barbecue paper can keep the vegetables or meats apart, can keep them from burning which causes hazardous substance. In this way, it will not bother you washing the barbecue disk. All you have to do is replace the barbecue paper. This is quite convenient. It will also avoid oil-splashing running no risk of burning yourself. In addition, it can make the food juicy and thus good-taste.

For Baking
Our barbecue paper save you the trouble of smearing the oil, thus there is no need to clean the bake ware. By using our roasting paper, the food will never stick together nor burn. And the paper can be used repeatedly, depending on the situation. This simple action can save you much time.

Other Uses
Our barbecue paper can also be used to wrap the noodles, fishes, meats or vegetables to be stored in the fridge. This is quite convenient and clean.


Qualitative Data 40g/m2±2g/m2
Tensile Fore >=2KN/m
Thickness of barbecue paper 0.045
Peel Force <=150N
Temperature-resistance Time 200-230℃ for 20mins
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