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Baking Paper


Baking paper is comprised of virgin wood pulp. The paper is coated with food-grade silicone. The silicone coating makes the baking pan liner a smooth surface, heat-resistant and non-stick. As for the physical properties of silicone coated baking paper, the brightness is over 88, sizing value above 0.8, strength more than 3000, density 1. Together with the low water absorption, the silicone coated baking paper is suitable possible for food packaging and baking, for example, it can be used to bread-toasting, chicken-frying and food-freezing&wrapping.
Baking Paper
GSM 30-60gsm,38/40gsm standard
Material 100% virgin wood pulp
Coating Double sides silicone coated
Certificates FDA/SGS,ISO9001,QS
Colour White/unbleached brown
Features Greaseproof,non-stick,high-temperature resistance to 230℃-20min
Application For food baking/cooking,freezing,steaming and wrapping
Regular Size Sheets:40x60cm,46x71cm,45x75cm
Small Rolls:30cmx5m/15m,38cmx10m/15m,45cmx100m
Jumbo Rolls: 600mm-1200mm
OEM OEM available

Quality Assurance of Silicone Coated Baking Paper
1. Our baking pan liner has received the certification of SGS/FDA.
2. Our baking pan liner has been certified as QS product.
3. Our baking pan liner meets the requirement for food-grade product.

We have achieved QS certification with our special food packaging paper, baking paper. All silicone coated baking pan liner is in accordance with ISO9000:2008 and we can provide the inspection report of FDA. What's more, we enjoy 11 patents of silicone coated product. In addition, we've been awarded honors, such as the innovative product at the province-level.

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